I am a fast food addict.   I mean it.   When I turned sixteen my first job was under the Golden Arches.  The movie “Supersize Me”  could have been my life story.

I practically lived under the Golden Arches... and as a result I grew some not so golden arches of my own.

Check out the photos.  I used to cringe when I looked at them.  Now I’m thankful I took them because they are inspiring so many people to make a change and follow my lead.

I survived the fast food diet until I added the stress of producing a morning news show to my life and then the strange sleep hours and pressure took their toll.

I ballooned up to at one point 225 pounds. 

I used Hypnotherapy to take about twenty of thse pounds off but it took something else to really clean me out.

Then I stumbled into John Gray’s new work.  I like so many of us had read “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus.” and could really identify with all those behaviors men and women seem to fall into. 

His new book  “Mars, Venus, Diet and Exercise Solution”  is all about balancing brain chemistry with cleansing and great nutrition.

I ended up on a cleansing plan that John Gray endorses and during my first cleanse  I dropped 10 pounds and felt a huge inner shift.  I waited a week and did it again.  There went another 15 pounds.  I waited two weeks and did it again and there went another ten pounds. 

Before I knew it  I had my 165 pound body back.  I fit in my 32 inch waist jeans... and I had to go buy a new suit.

The extra pounds and inches have kept coming off.  I reached a low of 158 pounds.  Then decided it was time to put on a little more muscle.

Today I’m up to about 178 pounds but my 32 inch wist pants are lose on me and there are no more golden arches.

The weight loss has just been a side effect.  My cravings for junk food, sweets, and between meal snacks are gone.

I have a whole new appreciation for  food.  I can now feel an instant reaction to the food I put in my body.  If my body wants and needs it, it feels good.  If it’s not right for my body I feel it. 

My skin has cleared up.  My hair is softer. .  I have more energy.  I sleep better.  I don’t even snore as much. 

All I did was replace my trips to the drive through with the ultimate fast food... a Nutritious shake that gives my body all 90 building blocks it needs to create perfect cells.

The shake even has live enzymes in it so it is like eating raw food but there’s not so much hassle in tracking down good healthy expensive organic raw food.

On cleanse days I drink this juice that also has everything my body needs so it’s not a fast.  It just gives my digestive system a much needed break and stimulates natural cleansing.

I still exercise every day and eat at least one sensible meal.  Every now and then I have whatever I want.

Not long ago I broke down and had something from the Golden Arches... I felt instantly sick to my stomach. I thought I had food poisoning.  Then it hit me, this is how I used to feel every day!  I was just so used to feeling lousy that I didn’t even really feel it.

The best part of all of this is the impact I’m now having on other people and their health.  I did all this for purely selfish reasons.  I wanted a balanced brain, a balanced body and better health.

Little did I know that my decision to cleanse would have my mother, father, brother, cousin, teacher, Chiropractor, clients and best friends all cleansing and getting healthy.

My friend Anthony released 50 pounds and my friend Jan dropped 54.... and I have one client who is now down over 70 pounds and still letting the extra weight go.

Here’s are some links to more information on the program, and before you place any order give me a call.  I’ve become a pro at helping customize the system for each person so they get the results they want.  Plus I can help you get the products at wholesale.

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