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What stops you from joy peace and true happiness?   I bet it's some form of fear.  That's why I created the Fear to Freedom Formula.  It's the key to breaking those negative trances that are likely running your life.

The formula is a five step process that I call the five "F"'s

                                        Find It

                         Feel It

                         Figure It Out

                         Fix It

                        Free Yourself Forever From It

All my work with clients involves these five simple steps that will move you from fear to freedom.

First we find the fear.  What are you really afraid of?  What is really holding you back?

Then I help you feel that fear.  I have found that feeling is key to healing.  We can't heal what we won't allow ourselves to feel. 

 Then we Figure out the Fear.  What is is that you are believing about your life or the situation that is creating the fear?  What do you need or want to believe that is the antidote and will eliminate the fear?

Then we Fix it using my unique Core Belief Transformation Process, My Energy Psychology Tools, My Hypnotherapy Skills we do what it takes to fix the fear.

And finally we end the pattern and leave you with empowering tools so that you really can free yourself forever from the fear.

Who would you be without your fear?  What would a fearless life look like?  Are you ready to be free?  

Let's find the fear and start the process with a free thirty minute one on one finding the fear phone session.  Click the Free Fear Finding Session button on my booking calendar bellow and find a time that works for you.

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“Rick is a rare combination of humility, boldness, giftedness, and professionalism. I HIGHLY recommend Rick Reynolds as a powerful catalyst for awakening to Love and Peace.”.- Dr. David Kamnitzer

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